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How to fix the ac blower motor? Central Ac Repair Service

Labor time – Depending on the location of the unit and the availability of parts, troubleshooting and repair of the air conditioner system takes 1.5 to 3 hours (roughly).

Throughout the summer, this is a common occurrence.

Due to excessive heat and continuous operation, old (and some modern) air conditioner blower motors burn out. A/C motors are available in a range of shapes and sizes. When it comes to electrical equipment, an exact match is the best option. There is a contradiction in the sentence.

If your air handler has a shaded-pole air conditioner blower motor, I recommend replacing it with a PSC motor. If you don’t understand what that jargon means, the air conditioner professional should be able to clarify it to you.

The air conditioner blower motor is usually replaced with a normal blower motor from an HVAC supply shop. Occasionally, the OEM blower motor on the truck. It makes no difference if the blower motor is from a different manufacturer. Make sure the blower motor fits the amp draw, horsepower, voltage, RPM, and diameter of the motor before remounting it in the existing bracket.

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